Welcome to my little black book of addresses, events and outings in London, notes on the things we bought for our baby and what we think of them. Also reflections on fatherhood and choices that impact my daughter.

I’m a French-speaking dad in London, living in Notting Hill and adapting to life with a small, demanding, dependent, irascible and intransigent human being who also commands my total devotion and adoration.

My experience of fatherhood so far is a complete rearrangement of my life and priorities around my daughter (we’ll call her “V”) and her future. I didn’t think about this, it just happened. At the time of writing, she is approaching 5 months old.

The decisions you make, things you buy, products you use and behaviours you encourage feel like huge decisions because you’re shaping the character and health of a person who means more to you than anything else. So each decision, no matter how small, takes on a weight and an importance in your mind that is often unwarranted and unreasonable.

As we made each decision, we looked for pointers from websites, books, health professionals, friends and family.

My advice to you is not to take advice from blogs – there’s too much contradiction out there and we amateur journal-writers are not experts. The Ines who claim to be (without qualifications) tend to be the most polarised and the least balanced in their opinions.

This advice may seem odd coming from the writer of a blog, but my point is this:

Read as much as you can. Make the difference between

  • Rules and laws
  • Medical and professional advice and facts
  • Opinion

Read all the opinion you want, but come to your own conclusions.

This website contains a collection of my experiences, for your reading pleasure, and my opinions on things and choices, on case you find that kind of thing interesting.

I am not an expert. Just a father! The best job in the world.