Red Castle Babynomade

babynomadeopenWhen V was born, we received an absolutely insane amount of stuff.

There are three huge bags full of teddy bears and technicolor ostriches and other strange LSD-inspired children’s companions on the top shelf of a cupboard in one of our rooms.

We also received a lot of stuff we couldn’t possibly use. Clothes that she had grown out of by the time we received them.

You can always tell the experienced parents from the gifts they give. Either its clothes she can wear in six months to three years, or its a bag of twenty baby underwear because as a new parent you don’t yet realize how fast these will get dirty.

Occasionally though, you get one of those gifts which confuses you at first (“what on earth is this?”) and that you would never have thought of to buy for yourself, that turns out to be one of the items you use almost constantly because it’s so fantastically brilliant.

Ok, fantastically brilliant is probably a little extreme, but I’m sleep deprived, and that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

One such gift was this wraparound multipurpose baby blanket, by Red Castle, the company also behind the Cocoonababy. The blanket is called a Babynomade, and looks like an oversized pyjama with loose velcro straps. It has soft fluffy material on the inside and our version has quite sturdy material on the outside.

It comes in a variety of finishes and materials so look through everything to make sure you pick the one you want.

When we lay it out on the couch and lay V down into it she always giggles or gurgles happily because she knows it means we’re going outdoors, which she enjoys.

We use it as the blanket for her stroller because it can get really cold in London, and ours also provides some minimal protection from rain because the outside is slightly water resistant. It’s also convenient because you can lift her right out of the stroller while she’s still in it, and I since there’s no change in temperature or comfort, I can often manage this without waking her up. This always makes me feel like I have managed the impossible. There’s a comfortable fluffy belt that keeps her centered in the blanket, and which she doesn’t mind at all.

Most of all though, we use it because she loves it, and that’s super-precious. Absolutely nothing beats watching her smile or laugh in anticipation of something, or when you come home from work.


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