Daylesford Notting Hill

Restaurant scorecard:

Staff: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Space: 7/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Changing Facilities: 8/10

Great atmosphere, decent baby-changing facilities, enough space to park a stroller and friendly (if sometimes slightly inattentive) staff. 8/10.

Daylesford is a farm shop and restaurant in Notting Hill focusing on organic, artisan food for the health-conscious crowd. It shares it’s location with other Notting Hill staples such as 202 and Granger, but typically has less waiting time for a table when you want to eat.

A good place for brunch with the traditional menu of scrambled eggs, a hundred ways to mix avocado into your food, lots of salads based on pulses, grains, kale, etc and with trendy alcohol-free cocktails named for the effect they’re supposed to have on you (“b green”, “b bold”, “b bright”, and “b balanced”, for example), you might be forgiven for ranking it as “too trendy for its own good”, but you’d be making a mistake. It’s a fun place to eat that isn’t full of itself, and is very baby-friendly.

The last time we were there with V, we were on one of those annoying diets and we’d only popped in for a coffee. Because V was a bit restless, I had her tucked up against me, looking over my shoulder and she was spending her time seeing how much of her fist she could fit into her mouth.

After a few minutes we realized she was being much nicer than usual. Upon turning around we found out she’d been making googly-eyes at the kids on the table behind ours, who were quite a bit older but very taken with how she’d look right into their eyes and then smile at them.

This is not unusual here, people bring kids and infants of all ages, the staff do their best to make room for push-chairs (ours is very small so not too much of a problem) and people are very tolerant. It also perhaps helps that V is quite calm when there’s a lot of hubbub around.

In terms of baby facilities, there’s an elevator tucked away behind the butcher’s section on the ground floor that will take you up to the restaurant or down to the lower ground floor of the shop and there’s a disabled toilet on the lower ground floor with a standard baby changing table and lots of room.

In terms of negatives, it can sometimes be a little challenging to get the staff’s attention, especially when it’s very busy.

We like it here.


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