Changing Spaces

Do you have a bad back? I don’t. Or at least I didn’t until I tried to change my daughter on the bed for a few weeks, after which a changing table went from an unnecessary luxury to an absolute essential.

Which one did we get?

But we live in a London apartment (or flat, as they like to call it here), and the amount of available space is measured in picometers. We have a hard time finding space for a packet of crisps, let alone a  full table.

I checked a number of wall mounted alternatives, but I didn’t really feel like drilling holes into the masonry of an apartment I’m only renting, so we went with a different solution, which was to change V on the surface of a wardrobe, and to place a changing mat sideways into the top of the wardrobe for that very purpose.

There are so many kinds of changing mats that it can be hard to know what to choose. We were lucky – we were out and about in Notting Hill, and walked past a shop called NaturalMat, which sells all sorts of things but particularly mattresses. They had a changing mat in there which seemed fit for purpose, and since there was no other choice and we were in get it done mode, we bought it and carried it home there and then.

So we ended up with this.

matty%20blue%20leander1It’s called the Leander Matty Changing Mat, this is the light blue version (ours is grey). It’s a nice soft rubbery foam with slightly raised edges.  It’s waterproof (obviously) and wipes clean really easily. We’re not worried about V falling off the side since’s one side is against the wall and we change her sideways on.

At first we used sheets to cover it and we still do sometimes, but we discovered (when all the small sheets were dirty) that she really doesn’t mind being directly on the mattress.

That’s been there a while now, and all things considered I think it’s been a great purchase for us.

Links on this site generally earn me a small commission, especially if they go to Amazon, and while I encourage you to check the prices by clicking on the image or links above, but just between you and me you should also check the price on NaturalMat because as at the time of writing, it’s cheaper there, even if I get nothing from it.


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